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Happy Food MN World Wide! – Asia! Vietnam! Thailand! India!

Online Event

This is a three part series focused on International Cooking! Allowing you to taste the flavors of different Nations designed for the American kitchen with a healthy twist! In this class we will focus on Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, and India!

01/24/2021 – Vietnam – Marinated Beef over Rice Noodle Salad w/ Pickled Daikon & Carrot

01/31/2021- Chicken Thom Kha Gai (Lemongrass Coconut Soup) w/ Sticky Rice and Spring Rolls

02/07/2021 – Coconut Chicken w/ Indian Spices and Cumin Coriander Roasted Cauliflower & Cashews.

To truly celebrate the cultures in which we cook we will also discuss where you can find these dishes and more at local restaurants in the Twin Cities.


Happy Food MN World Wide Cook Along – Mexico

Online Event

Inspired by my many years spent visiting Baja Mexico, we will cook a few of my favorite dishes from Mexico, created for the American Kitchen

My most recent trip to the Baja inspired me to teach some of the techniques that I have learned over the past 20 years while living in and visiting Baja, Mexico that I have modified for an easy dinner in an American kitchen. A series of three different classes will touch on a few of Chef Anna's fave Mexican meals that we can all cook together. We'll learn to cook together, and where to shop and eat locally to experience true Mexican culture both in the Twin Cities and in Baja!

Classes are on a Sunday from 4pm - 6pm and offer gluten free and dairy free options.

Menu & Dates!

02/21/2021 - Baked Baja Fish En Paplliote w/ Herbed Green Sauce and a Crunchy Apple Lime and Cilantro Slaw - A dish inspired by the flavors of Baja and created by Chef Anna.

02/28/2021 - Classic Ranchero Sauce to make Chicken Tinga Flautas - This Ranchero base can be used for for Chilequiles, Tostadas, Huevos Rancheros - We will make Flautas

03/0 7/ 2021 - Chiles en Nogada - Roasted Poblano Chiles, stuffed with picadillo (ground beef, nuts and fruit)covered in dairy free walnut cream sauce and topped with pomegranates. A dish from the Puebla region that celebrates Mexican Independence because it looks like the Mexican Flag.

$45 – $125


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