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Ultimate Corporate
Wellness Programs

At Happy Food, we understand not everyone is at the same place in their health journey. That’s ok! We meet clients where they are. We offer two different programs with two different focuses with the same intention of bringing health, wellness, longevity, and productivity to your employees. Check out both of our programs below for more information.

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Happy Food MN’s goal is to teach people how to eat for themselves. The Healthy Reboot is the best tool we know for doing that. It follows the concept that everybody’s body is different. The Healthy Reboot helps you to discover what works best for you, buy eliminating the junk and known inflammatory foods then slowly integrating food back in one at at time. With full support, specialized coaching, and simple recipes your employees will be well on the path to learning how to eat for themselves.

Groups meet over lunch hour for 6 weeks. – Plus a 1 hour kick-off lunch and learn.

Two Week Bites
to Wellness

This program was designed with the knowing that true change happens over time. And lasting effects are created with practice and new habit formation. In this program participants choose which habits they would like to work on for two weeks. This program talks about the impact of food choices, gives healthy behavioral suggestions, creative options to add in movement, suggestions for better sleep, stress relief, meditation, productive daily structure, and so much more. Because health is individual and only you truly know what it is that you need, our coaches facilitate and help bring out what’s hiding inside.

Groups meet every other week for 6 months with a kick-off Lunch and Learn and a mid-program cooking demo.