Anna specializes in creating seminars focusing on work life balance.  Presenting subjects that pertain to working
families, parents and singles who want to eat healthy and struggle to find the time. Anna can create a  seminar designed a particular subject or concern.  Or you many choose from one of these popular options:

1. Healthy Weekly Meals: We’ll discuss the challenges people face in getting a healthy meal on the table after a long day of work. Using visual aids we’ll present healthy options debunk some health myths and offer some quick dinner “cheats”. Each participant with be presented with a weeks of recipes to coincide with a streamlined meal plan, starring some key ingredients that can be used in more than one meal.

2. Reinventing Lunch: Don’t let a boring lunch drive you to the drive-thru. Keep it fresh and exciting so that you stay on that healthy track. Chef Anna of Happy Food MN will teach you tips and tricks to making lunch a little bit healthier and a little bit more exciting. You’ll learn how to make an easy Cherry Walnut Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Ball Jar salads and the art of the Bento box. Each participant will receive recipes to replicate what you’ve learned at home.

3. Revamping Your Food Closet – As Seen on KARE 11 Mission:Anna will bring in some of the top fridge and pantry offenders (sugary yogurts, overly processed foods, boxed/frozen dinner no-nos and all those vitamin and energy drinks) and have a healthy alternative for each item on her do-no-eat list. We’ll make parfaits using muesli, honey fresh fruit, and talk about some of those of the new hot foods in health like hemp hearts and chia seeds, taste water infusions and talk bone broth. Anna will also provide instruction and a recipe for a
Scrap Stock and Crock Pot Chicken Soup, and easy way to feed the family.

4. Easy Designer Party Platters: Prepare yourself for the upcoming holidays. Learn how to impress your friends with little effort and whole lot of savvy. Create a crudité platter and explore cheeses and complements to create a platter that will impress even the pickiest of party goers. Sample Cheese and walk away with a cheat sheet of what you learned to make your shopping a snap!

All Seminars will include a series of recipes with a demo option.


“Hi Anna! I attended your “reinventing the bag lunch” seminar at Capella Tower today. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I learned so many cool things! Your presentation style is simply the BEST. You are clearly chock full of knowledge, but you share it in a way that is not at ALL intimidating…which makes it easier for the rest of us mere mortals to take it in. Thanks so much for your time and energy today! What a wonderful way to spend an hour. Keep up the great work!
Gratefully, Elizabeth
ps: That chicken salad…OMG. Going to Costco tonight for ingredients. :)”


Call 612-454-0549 or email

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