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Lunch and Learns are the perfect place to dip into the corporate wellness world. Recipes and samples are included in seminars when appropriate.
Eat Well, Be Well, Work Well

In this 50 minute workshop, we cover the basics to feeling your best and quick tips within each category to get your employees feeling immediate success. In this session we don’t cook but, we offer lots of tangible resources and do a short mindfulness meditation and breathing exercise.

  1. Eat Well – How balancing blood sugar, eating for gut health is actually brain health
  2. Body Work – Connecting Movement and Physio health for a body that feels it’s best
  3. Sleep – Without it our hormones get thrown off, our mental health deteriorates as well as the ability to best care for ourselves
  4. Mindfulness – How Meditations and Purpose can bring about profound healing, inspiration & stress relief

This is an overview to our larger corporate health program with 8 sessions that dive deeper into these aspects of overall health.

Your Balanced Life Taco

Your employees are pulled in a million directions, and that is before they even come to work. When they do finally settle in is their head fully in the game? Your employees’ home, health, kids, relationships all come to work with them and that can make it difficult for employees to fully engage, especially when they are not feeling their best and are stressed.

In this Keynote, Chef and Health Coach, Anna Klimmek addresses these issues while equating some of life’s most difficult parts to building a taco. From focusing on a strong foundation, your tortilla, to finding that special sauce and all things in between that make life, and tacos so full. Inspired with a new taste for life, your attendees will find small simple ways to create more room in their lives for what they decide truly matters…while building a taco.

Meal Prep & Batch Cooking

Meal Prep & Batch Cooking – Learn the tricks of the trade as personal chef Anna Klimmek teaches you how to streamline prep to make meal prep and batch cooking a snap. In this workshop we’ll talk about tools, techniques and recipes that flow together so that you can cook once (or twice) and eat all week.

What the Heck is Inflammation

What the Heck is Inflammation – Inflammation is the other hot new health buzzword, but what is it and why is it bad for your health. In this seminar, we will discuss inflammation, how it affects your health and how you can reduce inflammation in your body. We’ll talk about food and lifestyle that promote low inflammation in the body. And of course, we will cook some great low inflammatory recipes!

Healthy Swaps

Healthy Swaps – Learn how to make that recipe just a little bit healthier simply by choosing different products. In this workshop Chef Anna will teach you very simple swaps for common ingredients to make your meals just a little more nutritious without losing the flavor or the fun!

Feed Your Family without the Fight

Learn Tips and Tricks to feeding your whole family without cooking multiple meals.  Find ways to sneak in more veggies and new foods without resistance.  Anna will demonstrate how to prepare a quick easy meal and provide multiple recipes intended for the whole family to enjoy.

Gut Health

It’s the new hot topic in health, but is it buzz worthy? It is! Chef and Health Coach Anna Klimmek is an expert in gut health! It’s a big subject! She will teach you what it means to have a leaky gut (it’s not what you think). What are some of the causes. Tips to heal and keep your gut healthy. And a few recipes to support your gut health.

Food for Focus

Interested in increasing productivity in your employees? Noticing that certain times of the day or week it’s seems like people are just scattered? They say Tuesday is the most productive day of the week! Well we’ve got to do better than that! In this seminar your employees will learn how to eat for sustained focus, attention and energy. We will also teach some tricks to re-focus and re-energize when you’ve hit that midday slump.

What the Heck is Inflammation

Inflammation is the other hot new health buzzword, but what is it and why is it bad for your health? In this seminar, we will discuss inflammation, how it affects your health and how you can reduce inflammation in your body. We’ll talk food and lifestyle that promote low inflammation in the body.

Balancing Blood Sugar for all Day Energy

Balancing Blood Sugar for all Day Energy – In this workshop we will teach you the tricks and strategies to all day energy by balancing your blood sugar. We’ll teach you what foods to eat throughout the day and when to eat them so that you avoid the low blood sugar roller coaster. Anna breaks it down and makes healthy eating easy. As always you’ll receive simple recipes so you can practice what you learn.

Healthy Weekly Dinners

In this seminar we will teach and discuss healthy weekly meals. We’ll discuss the challenges people face in getting a healthy meal on the table after a long day of work. Using visual aids, we’ll present healthy options, debunk some health myths, and offer some quick dinner “cheats.” Each participant with be presented with a weeks of recipes to coincide with a streamlined meal plan, starring some key ingredients that can be used in more than one meal.

Reinventing Lunch

Don’t let a boring lunch drive you to the drive-thru. Keep it fresh and exciting so that you stay on that healthy track. Chef Anna of Happy Food MN will teach you tips and tricks to making lunch a little bit healthier and a little bit more exciting. You’ll learn how to make an easy Cherry Walnut Rotisserie Chicken Salad, Ball jar salads and the art of the Bento box. Each participant will receive recipes to replicate what you’ve learned at home.


You’ve heard it all before. It’s the most important meal of the day. Also, the toughest to get on the go and STILL be healthy. High sugar, high carb usually rules this meal sending you crashing through the day and by 3pm you can’t even think any more. This seminar will teach you how to start the day off right and set you up for success the rest of the day. From grab-and-go options to looking at breakfast in a whole new way, (dinner for breakfast anyone?) and the one reason it might be ok to SKIP it all together.

Power Snacks

For me, it’s 3pm, that time of day when my body is just sort of confused. It’s tired, and ready to be done, but nowhere near the end of the day. For others it’s just after a workout or mid-morning coffee and muffin run. No matter when your low hits, or your munchies set in if you are prepared it doesn’t have to derail you from your healthy eating goals. In this seminar you’ll learn about some healthy snacks that go far beyond the vending machine and are a bit more interesting than veggies and hummus (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

Super Food

Your Insta feed is full of them. That matcha latte looks amazing and you are “this close” to making your own golden milk. You want to make that smoothie bowl but is buying all of those new ingredients worth it? Hemp seeds, chia seeds, kale, spirulina, maca, matcha—What do they do and is it worth buying? What does clean eating look like and which superfoods are worth eating. We’ll build our own smoothie bowls sampling a bunch of those strange ingredients we see all over Instagram and talk about which ones are worth buying and which ones to skip!

Healthy Party Platters

Wait what? That’s a thing? I didn’t even know you could do that?! You can! And nobody will even know the wiser! Chef and Health Coach Anna Klimmek will help you overcome those hurdles while making you look like the hostess with the mostess! Learn how to make a beautiful party platter that will impress your friends AND keep you feeling great throughout the holidays! When we are all done making the platter everyone can taste if for themselves!

Revamping Your Food Closet – As Seen on KARE 11 – A FAVE!!

Anna will bring in some of the top fridge and pantry offenders (sugary yogurts, overly processed foods, boxed/frozen dinner no-nos and all those vitamin and energy drinks) and have a healthy alternative for each item on her do-no-eat list. We’ll make parfaits using muesli, honey fresh fruit, and talk about some of those of the new hot foods in health like hemp hearts and chia seeds, taste water infusions and talk bone broth. Anna will also provide instruction and recipes for a scrap stock and Crock Pot Chicken Soup, an easy way to feed the family.


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HEALTHY HOME COOKING 101: Breakfast, Reinventing Lunch, Healthy Weekly Dinner, and Revamping Your Food Closet
HOLISTIC: Low Inflammation Diet, Gut Health, Food for Focus, and Fat vs. Sugar!
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