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Lunch and Learns are 50-minute, subject-based programs, such as Healthy Weekly Dinners or Reinventing Lunch. They can also cover deeper, more holistic topics such as Gut Health and Food for Focus. Each Lunch and Learn includes a discussion, a recipe packet and a demonstration with samples! Attendees leave inspired and with tactical tools to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Quarterly Series

Looking to keep your employees inspired? Sign up for quarterly Lunch and Learns to give your company a seasonal boost of healthy cooking and learning. And get a discount when you commit to a four-part series!
Series suggestions include:

Healthy Home Cooking 101

Start off Strong with Breakfast, Reinventing Lunch, Healthy Weekly Dinners, and Revamping your Food Closet

This series offers basic cooking and eating concepts for busy people. We look at basic concepts of getting a healthy meal on the table, to the office and starting the day off right with breakfast. We add the bonus Revamping your Food Closet a popular segment that was featured on KARE 11 that talks about items in your pantry that you may think are healthy, but have sneaky ingredients that hold you back for achieving your health goals.


What the Heck is Inflammation, Sugar vs. Fat, Who is to Blame, Gut Health, and Food for Focus.

A more holistic series – In this series we put a few more pieces together focusing on how the body and mind is interconnected with the food that we eat with our lifestyle and behaviors.

Choose your own adventure

Select your preferred topics from our list of Lunch and Learns.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We can customize a workshop, Lunch and Learn, or series just for your business! Let’s talk!

happy food lunch and learn topics
Eat Well, Be Well, Work Well
Your Balanced Life Taco
Meal Prep & Batch Cooking
What the Heck is Inflammation
Healthy Swaps
Feed Your Family without the Fight
Gut Health
Food for Focus
What the Heck is Inflammation
Balancing Blood Sugar for all Day Energy
Healthy Weekly Dinners
Reinventing Lunch
Power Snacks
Super Food
Healthy Party Platters
Revamping Your Food Closet