healthy eating workshops Minnesota

Half- and Full-Day

Half- and full-day workshops allow for a deeper dive into a multitude of subjects.
These events include a cooking demo, and we will also add interactive elements to the event, such as breath work, intention setting, organization for a productive day, quick meditations for mindful eating.
For full-day events we have the option of adding other affiliated practitioners to enhance the event, such as energy workers, Enneagram specialists, yoga, massage and Ayurvedic lifestyle coaches.
Half-Day Workshops

These seminars are 2.5 hours long. You have the option of combining any two of the Lunch and Learns or try any of the topics below. Every workshop offers a cooking demo by Anna and simple recipes to compliment the subject!

Healthy, Soulful and Wise

We start this workshop talking about self-care. What it really means to care for yourself. I promise it goes way beyond a glass of wine and a pedicure, or a beer and a good book. Those things are good, but true self-care is creating a life that you want to live, not one that you want to escape from. We dig deeper to promote long term growth and get into your Zen self with some great home practices. Anna offers a cooking demo to feed the soul and promote relaxation.

Inflammation’s Connection to Chronic Disease

In this workshop we learn about what chronic inflammation is and how it affects the body. Then we give easy lifestyle suggestions to make a lower inflammation lifestyle easy. We’ll talk about foods that support a lower inflammation lifestyle and Anna will provide simple low inflammatory recipes and demonstrate how to make one them!

Full-Day Workshops

Workshops run from 10 – 3:30pm with a 1 hour lunch break. We pick a theme and expand on it from a variety of modalities. Each workshop is different but they always include a cooking element and recipes. Often we will also include an office friendly movement piece and relaxation piece. Some workshops will invite guest experts to dive deep into in subjects. And of course we leave lots of time for questions. Choose from the options below, or request a custom workshop where we curate a program specific to your needs.

Energized, Clear and Productive

In this full-day workshop we focus on practical tips to stay motivated and productive throughout the day. We plan our workshop lessons around how a normal day would play out in the office. We start with a morning breathing practice and talk about how to start the day off right with your head clear and in the game. We then talk about nutrition and how to eat right to sustain energy and balance blood sugar through out the day to avoid that 3pm slump. We consider adaptogens that can help boost energy and creativity without the caffeine jitters. After we break for lunch we’ll get a bit of movement in to help digest and get the blood flowing. We’ll end the day by making a hands on healthy snack to keep those mid day munchies at bay and a cooking demo to set you up with healthy dinner ideas to finish the day off right. We’ll finish by talking about how to wind down for the day and prepare for sleep.

Self-Care and Mindfulness for Stress Relief

In this workshop we take a step beyond your average self-care regimen. We look deep into self-care practices that actually support a growth mindset and create long-term stress relief techniques. We use a tool called the life wheel to see which aspects might need work and talk about practices that might support that. We’ll discuss some ways of being mindful without meditation. Anna will demonstrate simple recipes that promote calm and well-being.

Ancient Wisdom

Reaching into the past to shape our future. In this whole day workshop we’ll dive into ancient Eastern practices for maintaining health and balance. You will learn your Ayurvedic dosha. Anna will demonstrate a recipe to support each dosha. We’ll discover other easy techniques and topics ranging from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic practices. We’ll try a mini tai chi and qigong or restorative yoga session.

We’ll work with you to customize a workshop that works for you.