corporate wellness workshops

Eat Well,
Be Well,
Work Well

In our 9 week Eat Well, Be Well, Work Well program we focus on the Five Pillars of workplace wellbeing.
1. Eat Well – 3 nutrition and cooking sessions 
  • Balanced Blood Sugar – to maintain energy throughout the day
  • Eating for Gut Health
  • Food for Focus – Eating for brain health
2. Body Work – 2 sessions 
  • Creating easy movement throughout the day –
    • Option to add a” Yoga for All” class
  • Body Work – learn about resources and simple things that you can do to take care of your physical body
    • Option to add experts in Postural Alignment, Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture
3. Sleep – 1 Session
  • How to create good habits to promote the best sleep & how everything plays into a good night’s sleep.
4. Self Care – 2 Sessions
  • Mindfulness
    • Option to add Breathwork & Acupuncture expert
  • Purpose – Find Your Why, Meditation, Life Balance
5. Mental Health – 1 Session 
  • Gut Brain Connection, Stress & Mental Health Resources
    • Option to add Mental Health Expert from
Program Includes:
  • Nine sessions meeting every other week to allow time to practice.
  • Eat Well sessions will include a cooking demonstration w/ samples
  • Program packets, handouts, exercises and recipes and resources.

We’ll work with you to customize a workshop that works for you.