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Corporate Wellness

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Each person has their own individual needs when it comes to health goals. Same goes for your business wellness needs.

Some companies need full corporate wellness support while others just need an occasional boost. We offer one-time or a quarterly series of Lunch and Learns cooking demos for a quick and memorable learning experience over the lunch hour! Half- and full-day workshops are perfect for a more immersive and interactive experience. Interactive cooking challenges build your team’s cohesiveness while teaching hands on healthy cooking techniques. Our Ultimate Corporate Wellness Packages offer long term support to employees by combining a series of workshops and weekly group health coaching.

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lunch and learn corporate wellness

and Learns

Looking for a quick way to increase employees’ health? Whether you already have a program in place or you would like to see how your employees respond, Lunch and Learns are a great place to start.


Looking to build trust, communication, and cohesiveness within your team? Try a HFMN corporate team building event. Here we won’t just cook, we’ll learn how to work project manage and work with intention.

Half- and Full-
Day Workshops

Half- and full-day workshops allow for a deeper dive into a multitude of subjects. These holistic events still include a cooking demo, but we will also add in interactive elements to the event.


These long-term programs enhance concepts with action, skills and know-how. They are perfect for companies who want to offer a wellness program that really WORKS, is personal, and is interactive with a live on-site coach.