Chef Services

We call it Happy Food, but we let you decide what that means.  As a personal chef service all food is prepared in your home, but that can mean many things.  You decide what your needs are and what makes you happy.

In Home Solutions: Perfect for the busy family who just doesn’t have time to make healthy meals.

Special Diet SupportMaking a dietary shift can be extremely difficult.  Chef Anna has a lot of experience with special diets and can help you with just about anything…and make it taste good!

Cooking Classes: You know that thing that I made for you that one time?? I can help you make it.  Empower yourself and learn to cook.  Or invite your friends over and turn it into a party.



“We just finished our first round of meals from Happy Food. They were delicious and full of great flavors. It is so nice to come home to a complete meal of fresh food that just needs heating in the microwave. Anna is amazing to work with and left our kitchen spotless!”

-Janet Gulden, Vice Principal

“Happy Food MN is a lifesaver!  I had to go on a very limited diet for my health, and I was overwhelmed about how to do that and maintain it with my busy life.  I couldn’t have gluten or dairy, and I didn’t know where to begin.  Anna made a menu with all of my requirements, grocery shopped, cooked and the meals tasted fabulous!!  I didn’t feel deprived at all, because everything tasted so good.  I got my health back, and I learned how to eat healthy.  Not only do I still use Anna to supplement my meals but I’ve had her cater some parties and fund-raisers I’ve hosted. My guests wanted her number because they loved the food!  I highly recommend Happy Food MN.”

– Carrie Asmus, St. Paul Public School Counselor

“As a self-employed, one person household, I find that the last thing I have time for is cooking healthy meals for myself.  Before Happy Foods, I consistently found myself spending anywhere between $10-$40 per day on take-out.  Not only do I save hundreds of dollars a month by having Happy Food MN cook for me, I am also able to enjoy flavorful, dynamic & healthy meal options.  I would recommend Happy Food MN to anyone who is too busy to take the proper amount of time to cook and enjoy healthy, delicious foods.  Happy Foods does that for me and my body and mind are forever grateful!”

Emma Faris, Realtor

“Working 12 hour night shifts as a nurse I’ve struggled with meal ideas and shortness of time… I can not even begin to tell you how amazing this is! And not to mention delicious!!!!!

– Rachel Lane

“All I can say is…Yum! I just received my first order from Happy Foods, MN, and I am more than impressed with how delicious the meals are. I am self-employed and my wife is a busy professional as well, so some nights just don’t pan out as planned with our hectic schedules, so its been really nice to have Happy Foods, Mn, as an option. Not only are the meals convenient, but organic and unique. It is evident that Anna is a amazingly talented chef and her personality and passion shine through in her food. You won’t be disappointed!”

David Mancini, Chiropractor

Call 612-454-0549 or Email to set up your consultation.

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