Scrap Stock and Rotisserie Chicken Soup – as seen on Kare 11

Do not be intimidated!! When I first told people about this segment I was met with much skepticism. “Are you sure you can use that chicken again?” uh yes.  “What, onion skins? Isn’t that trash?” Not yet it’s not, you paid for them so use them.  “Sweet potato skin and celery Leaves, is that even good for you?” Lots of nutrients live in the skin and leaves do not discount them! “I’m intimidated to strain out the bones and veg after it’s been cooked” If you can strain pasta, you can strain your stock.

I know that box of chicken broth is easy, and I’m proud of you for making your own soup, but lots of people have been asking about the hot new trend, “Bone Broth”.  And by “hot and new”, I mean ancient and delicious.  Bone broth is not new, it just has a new name, I used to call it stock…and actually still do, but I’ve made a few modifications. I used to cook my stock for just for 3-4 hours, and that is good, but if you cook it for longer you pull more of the nutrients and collagen out of those bones.  Those nutrients and collagen show up in your hair, nails and skin.  I’ve also heard that if you add a bit of vinegar to your broth you’ll pull out even more nutrients.  Since flavor reign supreme over all else, I have not yet added vinegar.  I like the taste of my soup as it is…maybe some day…baby steps.

Then not too long ago, ok well maybe kind of a long time ago, I learned that you can use your vegetable scraps in with your bones to make your stock.  What? Onion skins, celery leaves and bottoms, garlic wrapper, broccoli stalks, sweet potato skins, kale ribs, carrot scrapings and stalks, herb stems…and one more thing, my secret ingredient to almost everything I cook, I cannot believe I’m going to tell you this, Parmesan rinds. Quick publish this before I take it all back!! Parmesan rinds added to the pot adds a depth of umami flavor that rounds everything out, it softens while adding punch.  It’s the thing that makes you go hmmmm.

I finally, I put all of these pieces together when I was living in Cabo San Lucas, MX.  It was hard  to find healthy convenience foods, at least ones that I knew what to do with them. I would go to the farmers market every Wednesday however, and there was a farmer who sold fresh chickens.  I decided to buy two along with a bunch of fresh veg.  I would roast both of them, stuffing one with a lemon, garlic rubbing with herbs salt and olive oil and the other, I added a bit of olive oil salt and pepper and just let them roast.  For dinner we would have the lemon scented chicken, the other I would let cool and reserve for making soup.

Now, with the modern convenience of the rotisserie chicken I get to skip the roasting step and just move on to the stock making step.  I would like to state for the record, I do think it is important that your chicken not be tampered with.  Some of the rotisserie chickens have a saline solution and I prefer to skip that.  I like to buy mine from the co-op, but then again I like to buy everything from the co-op, or that other extremely large grocer who boasts selling primarily  organic products…you know who I’m talkin’ about.  I just think that I’ve I’m going to be sucking every nutrient possible out of those bones that I’d like to avoid any added chemicals. That’s my two second preach, to each choose their own.

We also have to very fine convenience of the hallowed Crock Pot. We now get to cook things for a really long time with out risk of fire while we sleep or leave the house.  NEAT! Stick it all in a crock pot, cook it over night, then cook it all day long. So simple  Really I needn’t say more, but if you want to learn more on Crock Pot cooking come see me at the Mom’s Rock Expo on May 2 & 3rd.

Now check out the recipe for my Scrap Stock and Soup, and see the gallery for photo details.


Rotisserie Recipe 1Rotisserie Recipe 2


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