Build a Better: #Pancakeday

Build a Better #Pancakeday

Today on Twitter,  learned that today is #pancakeday.  I’m pretty new to the whole Twittersphere and am learning so many things, like that there are special days for special foods.  I myself love to celebrate, and I love food, so this works perfect for me.

Today on Twitter,  learned that today is #pancakeday.  I’m pretty new to the whole Twittersphere and am learning so many things, like that there are special days for special foods.  I myself love to celebrate, and I love food, so this works perfect for me.

I’ve also been wrapping my head around an idea that I call the “Build a Better” series.  It’s the idea of taking a food that we eat every day and putting a healthy spin on it. I love food, all food, I don’t limit myself, gluten is in, dairy, sugar, fat all that stuff holds a warm place in my heart and if is cooked well and presented to me with love, I’m gonna eat it.  But, when I cook at home, and when I cook for clients, I try to take the healthier approach.  You can’t go ape wild every day or things will get out of control real fast. I’m already on the brink because “no” is not something I do well.  Since “no” and I don’t get along, I decided it’s worth trying to find better ingredients to make a few items a bit healthier and therefore more accessible on the day to day. Hence the “Build a Better” series.

IMG_1622Queue the pancake.  Not too long ago my daughter and I discovered the joys of Swedish Pancakes.  A thin crepe like pancake that melts like butter on the tongue…It melts like butter, because it’s pretty much made of butter, butter, flour water and maybe some egg.  They puff up on the griddle like fluffy little butter clouds, topped with sugar and a squeeze of lemon. Once you start, you cannot stop until suddenly 25 of those little guys have disappeared, along with the stick of butter from which they were made…yet somehow, two hours after I’ve devoured a plate of them I feel kind of tired, a little bit bad about myself and hungry again.  I pretty much ate nothing that my body could recognize as a sustainable energy source.  I have a sneaking suspicion of what my body decided to do with them #mybutt.

It has been decided that Swedish Pancakes do not get to be a Sunday morning staple.  They will be relegated to special occasions and cabin food, (at the cabin we eat things that we don’t eat at home, Nutella, being one of them, and some other stuff that I’ve negotiated with my daughter that that is the time for a few extra goodies).  Some child psychologist or nutritionist will probably tell me that for some reason this is going to mess her up severely, but something has got to give somewhere, and I guess it gives at the cabin.

We needed and new Sunday morning staple.  Something that didn’t make us feel guilty for not going to churchIMG_1617h to stay home and luxuriate around a slow morning and hearty breakfast. So off to the Co-op to find a pancake mix with a few more healthy options.  I’ve tried some of the gluten free options, and every one that I’ve tried resembles a hockey puck or something to keep on hand to defend yourself against intruders. Not a sufficient replacement for my Swedish Butter Fluffs!  I found one that boasted “Five Organic Flours”, and it was made in Welcome, MN, the award winning Harvest Grains Pancake Mix from Whole Grain Milling Co.  Local and from a town called Welcome, pretty sure it’s a winner.  Whole wheat, oatmeal, rye, hi-lysine corn flour (cornflour with a whole protein),  and buckwheat.  I also liked the look of the mix because they gave you liquid addition options, milk, buttermilk, rice milk and water.  I like it when I am encouraged to think outside the box.  I decided that I might try Kefir, it’s kind of like buttermilk (kefir vs Buttermilk).

It was time to analyze toppings.  I’m pretty sure I could do better than lemon and sugar, it would be over powered on this hIMG_0023earty pancake anyway.  I got out the real maple syrup (duh), maple sugar, Greek yogurt, Hemp Hearts, peanut butter, almond butter and frozen berries.  Of course fresh berries are great, but they are like thousand dollars a pint and we just can’t go there, and the slightly juicier thawed berries work great on a pancake, almost like a coulis, in fact you could make them into a coulis if you like, but we are keeping it a bit IMG_0896simpler for now.  Hemp Hearts are the new super foods and are my new favorite thing.  I think of them like the avocado of seeds, filled with healthy fat and protein, I love their texture and flavor.  I put them on everything from parfaits to salads and look forward to experimenting with them more.

Pancakes go on the griddle with butter, just not as much as the Swedish, but you gotta have some.   I like to set out all of the ingredients so that my daughter and I can build our own versions. Hint: if let your kids make their own, often they’ll experiment with ingredients the wouldn’t  normally eat!  My best combo and still a go-to was built as such:

#pancakeday champ

#pancakeday champ

Pancake hot off the griddle, a swish of maple syrup to soak in, topped with a hefty smear of Greek Yogurt, berries, topped with hemp hearts.  My daughter went for peanut butter, banana, berries and a bit more maple syrup.  Either way, we both felt better throughout the day.  The yogurt and peanut butter providing ample protein and fat to keep us sustained until lunch, and hearty whole grains to give us energy to play!  This way you can keep your Sunday morning pancake tradition and still feel great!!

I’d love to hear how others built a better pancake or celebrated their #pancakeday.

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