And the Chickens have it!

After much ado and even some research I have decided on my farm in which I shall CSA (can that become a verb please)? Jackson Hollow ( in Buffalo County Wisconsin, wins hands down. The reason? Eggs and chickens, on top of a half-share of produce I bought an egg and chicken share. Each week we will receive a dozen farm fresh happy eggs along with 10 happy roasting chickens throughout the summer. And let me tell you I will use those suckers up nooooo problem!

Jackson Hollow Chicken

Jackson Hollow Chicken

When I lived in Cabo I would buy a chicken or two from the farmer’s market and a flat of eggs. O (my daughter) and I could go through almost an entire flat of eggs a week, cheap, whole happy protein. Then with one chicken I would make stock and freeze it or often times I would end up using it throughout the week making rice and in soup or use the meat for tacos. The other chicken was eaten throughout the week also in chicken salad, roasted, bbq the list is endless and happy chicken never gets boring. I make and awesome Mexican Vegetable Chicken Soup. ooooo I am so excited about this! Not to mention to veggies.

Jackson Hollow Veggies

Jackson Hollow Veggies

Come on bring on that Kale, can’t wait to see the multiple ways in which to dazzle you with my Kale cookin’ prowess. I’ve got a few idea’s up my sleeve but I invite anyone who’s kicked the Kale into submission please feel free to share your recipes and ideas. I’m so looking forward to cooking this season with Jackson Hollow and sharing idea’s with readers. Now all I have to do is wait until my first delivery in June…which is feeling very far away from now… maybe we’ll make a farm visit one of these May weekends so stay tuned!

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