Seward CSA Fair Follow-Up

I visited the Seward CSA fair and I admit I became a bit overwhelmed. I assume the fair was a great success as is was totally packed!!! My brain was sent into a bit of a tail spin so I decided to go back to the Seward website and do some research on my own as the have farmer Bio’s. So if you are like me and process a bit more slowly than the barrage of farmy information from the fair, you might want to check out some farmer’s Bio’s on this site
I found it very helpful and have narrowed my CSA selections down to just a few. Here are the farms I am interested in and why.
Featherstone Farm in southern Minnesota – because I know people who have CSA’s with them and they have had good things to say, some fruit comes with the share. But, the biggest reason is because I met the owner Jack Hedin at Simple Good and Tasty’s “Know Your Farmer” event at Lucia’s in Uptown. . This was a very cool event through Simple Good and Tasty in which a dinner was held and the stars of the night were local farmers. Jack told us about is farm and it sounded as if it was a much bigger production than that of many other farmers there that evening, with lots of acreage and help which in the end means lots of produce!! All these put Featherstone at the top of the running.
Harmony Valley Farm in Wisconsin – A guy I met at my daughter’s swimming lessons has a CSA with them and likes them a lot. He says that there is a lot of produce as well as meat and cheese share options. I went on their website and noticed that they did have lots of options…a plethora of options…perhaps too many options with grids and color coding and……um….. it just seems hard. But they did have a posting for a “On Farm Chef”. I’ll admit I had fantasies… AND if its Wisconsin is it local??? Pahhh semantics, I’m over that, I’ve got as much love for the ‘sconie farmers as I do the Minne’ ones, so long as they got the love for the food.
Jackson Hollow in Buffalo County Wisconsin – Because I really liked their website, It just makes you want to visit and it seems so serene. Plus my boyfriend has land there and he says its beautiful and we could visit the farm and the land at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. The mention of birds brings me to Jackson Hollow’s greatest selling point, Chickens. Jackson Hollow offers can buy a chicken and egg share and the website has really cute pictures of chickens. For a girl who had fantasies of raising chickens in her Longfellow neighborhood, but realized to eat the chicken I would have to kill it (I’m not quite ready for that) a chicken and eggs share is very appealing. I’m thinking the chicken’s might just have it. But I’m having a bit of a tough time figuring out how to sign up and pick up locations and what not… but chicken’s… further investigation is necessary.
Fresh Earth Farms near Hastings MN-Because these were the only people who I actually chatted with at the Seward CSA Fair. I liked their motto, “We take the FAR out of Farming”. Cute. But they don’t do half shares and I think at this point I’m only ready to do a half-share.

The research continues and I will make a decision today.

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