Seward CSA Fair

Spring is in the air, have you bought your Crop Share? The time of year in which many Minnesotans decide which CSA they will participate in this year. If you are not familiar a CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. When you buy into a CSA you buy a portion of the farm’s crop for the season. This helps support farmers regardless of the seasons crop yields. You pay a flat rate for the season, usually a full or half share, and receive a box of whatever the farm has to offer that week. Most CSA’s are produce, but you can also buy fruit, eggs, cheese and meat shares.

I have to admit I know a little bit about CSA programs but am interested in finding out so much more. That is why I am headed to the CSA fair at the Seward Co-op to learn more. I will return with lots more information and hopefully a CSA that perfectly fits my needs.

I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you and plan on weekly updating my blog with my CSA food adventures. So stay tunes for some more info and Locavore action!

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