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Bringing wellness
to the table.

Healthy Salad

Happy Food MN offers a different kind of wellness program.

We take a holistic approach to health. Getting in the kitchen and cooking with healthy, whole food ingredients is our main focus. We make it approachable, customizable, personable, and fun. We believe in creating proven plans to teach people how to eat for themselves, and making simple shortcuts in the kitchen while still providing healthy meals.

Healthy Salad
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Corporate Wellness Workshops

We offer corporate wellness workshops and programs for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch and we can find the best plan for you!

About Happy Food MN

We help companies keep their employees healthy, productive, and empowered by providing corporate wellness events and healthy cooking demonstrations.

Our Philosophy

Putting a healthy meal on the table doesn’t have to be hard. And it can be delicious.

Anna Klimmek cooking

Happy Food strikes a beautiful balance between listening, sharing a huge wealth of nutrition information, and helping to create realistic and achievable goals.

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See Happy Food in Action

Let’s get cooking.

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